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My Mathematics Videos:

  • Bi-Co Mathematics Colloquium (Sept 2014): Quadratic Forms in Number Theory
  • Brookhaven National Lab Talk for advanced high school students (Sept 2014): To Infinity and Beyond
  • PROMYS counselor mini-mini-course marathon (August 2014): Does $\mathbb{Z}\left[\frac{1 + \sqrt{-23}}{2}\right]$ have unique prime factorization?  (Video, Writeup)
  • Rutgers Exp. Math Seminar (Nov 2013): The 290-Theorem and Representing Numbers by Quadratic Forms  (Video, Abstract, Transparencies)
  • UConn Math Club Lecture (April 2012): The Geometry of Projective Space
  • UGA Math Club Lecture (Feb 2012): The Mathematics of Juggling
  • PROMYS Guest Lecture (July 2011): Random Numbers and the Zeta Function
  • MSRI Evans Lecture (Feb 2011): The Arithmetic of Quadratic Forms
  • Lectures at the Arizona Winter School on “Quadratic Forms and Automorphic Forms” (March 2009):
    • Lecture 1: Quadratic Spaces and Quadratic Lattices — (Video)
    • Lecture 2: Theta Series and Siegel’s Formula — (Video)
    • Lecture 3: The Clifford Algebra — (Video)
    • Lecture 4: Automorphic Forms and Theta Liftings — (Video)
    • Extended Lecture Notes (PDF)
  • Informal Lectures on Modular forms for Circle Method Seminar at UGA (Fall 2009)
    • Lecture 1: Introduction to theta series — (Video)
    • Lecture 2: Trivial bounds and asymptotic formulas — (Video)
    • Lecture 3: Local densities and the main term — (Video)
  • MSRI Informal Lecture (August 2006): Introduction to Quadratic Forms and Modular Forms


My (non-video) Mathematics Lectures:

(More lectures coming soon!)


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