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ECLIB with quadratic character

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ECLIB with quadratic character (with John Cremona; C++)

A modified version of John Cremona’s ECLIB libraries to compute weight 2 modular symbols for $\Gamma_0(N)$, now allowing a quadratic character $\chi$.

Status: in progress

Released: April 2011

Size: Modified ???? lines of code.

Availability: Google Code

License: GPL2

Other Information: Associated Documentation/Papers, Example Code


Extended Description:
This code modifies John Cremona’s well-established C++ code that computes modular symbols for congruence subgroups $\Gamma_0(N)$ to allow modular symbols with quadratic character $\chi$. This does not compute the much larger space of modular symbols for the subgroup $\Gamma_1(N)$ — instead we compute the twisted modular symbols by using Manin relations twisted by $\chi$ as described in Cremona’s paper [CITE THIS!], and we compute eigensymbols with a twisted Hecke action.

Modifications are done to store a quadratic Dirichlet character as a table of its values on $\mathbb{Z}/N\mathbb{Z}$, and to properly compute these twisted relations and actions.

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