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[latexpage]About Me:  I am a mathematician interested in Number Theory and Financial Mathematics from both theoretical and computational perspectives.  My research focus has been the study of quadratic forms over the integers, and their symmetries.  I have taught mathematics at Rutgers, Princeton, Duke, and the University of Georgia, and have held visiting research positions at several mathematics research institutes (MSRI, Max Planck Institute in Bonn).  I am also regularly involved with the PROMYS summer program for high school students, based at Boston University, and serve on the Board of Trustees for the PROMYS Foundation.

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Advising Information: I was the primary research advisor for Kate Thompson’s 2014 Ph.D. thesis on “Explicit Representation Results for Quadratic Forms over $\mathbb{Q}$ and $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{5})$ by Analytic Methods” at the University of Georgia.  Her thesis (co-advised by Prof. Danny Krashen) is in Computational Number Theory, with a focus on the connections between Quadratic Forms, Quaternion Algebras and Modular Forms.  She will be starting a postdoctoral position at Davidson College in Fall 2014.


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